Every painting is unique and so has its own cost. The final price will be decided by several factors – size, background landscapes, foreground objects, whether there are multiple figures in the layout, whether the figure is just a head and shoulders, or inhabiting a room full of beloved glass trinkets.

After I have received a quote request with a description, the first step is to try and determine what you are looking for from the commission. To help with this I will send to you by email a discussion board with various types of images to try and narrow down what you are looking for and what you are not. This is worth spending a little time on. Clients often assume that they don’t have any pre-existing notions and are simply happy for the artist to begin work. This is nearly always not the case, so it’s important to identify why you have chosen to commission a painting. A quote will be finalised based on this discussion.

Work will start once a deposit has been taken, this will be 40% of the final price.*

I prefer to work from reference material and keep sittings to only one or two instances. Where possible I use my own photographs. I understand this isn’t always convenient, so I can work from existing photographs, providing they are of a high enough quality.

Once the photos have been taken, I will use them to create a digital sketch. This Photoshop composition will give you a fairly accurate draft and an opportunity to review the layout. The timing for this initial stage depends on communication and can vary between clients, but once a final digital proof has been agreed, the easel work can usually be completed within three months.

Please do let me know if there is a specific timing to be considered and we’ll see what we can do.


*Delivery, travel and bespoke framing may also be added to the final cost.